Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fish and chips and beer, oh my! (Part 2)

So after leaving the wonderful world of Legos…we walked over to the most amazing store in the whole wide world…The World of Disney!

We may have gotten Abbie some Fit-Flops on this day…but I can’t remember.  We had fun walking around looking at all of the Disney stuff though. 
I have a serious question for everyone.  Why is it that it is so easy to get from your resort to Downtown Disney…but so incredibly difficult to get from Downtown Disney to your resort???  Seriously!  You maybe way 10-12 minutes for the DTD bus at your resort bus stop…but we almost always waited 20-30 minutes for our resort bus at DTD.  Maybe we were just “lucky” enough to barely miss it each time.  Anyway…we knew we were going to end our day at Epcot to watch Illuminations, so we decided to catch an Epcot resort bus.  Like I said…it took forever…but we eventually ended up at the Swan.
We decided to tour all of the Epcot area resorts since we had a few hours until Illuminations…and I had never actually been in any of them…weird I know.  So we went to the Swan…then the Dolphin…then Boardwalk…then Yacht Club…then finally the Beach Club.  All of the resorts were so beautiful and charming in their own unique ways.  What was funny, though, was going through the gift shops in each resort.  Of course they all had the same merchandise because it’s Disney, but the nicer ones had a few upscale items.  It was also interesting seeing how they differ from the Magic Kingdom/Monorail resorts.  The Epcot resorts are much smaller in terms of their lobbies and have a more peaceful feeling to them, whereas the Magic Kingdom resorts have gigantic lobbies that really showcase the theme on a grand scale.  We loved each resort and hope we can stay in one of them on a future trip…if for no other reason than to be in walking distance to Epcot.  Thus my segue…we walked to Epcot.
Now…what good is a trip to Epcot if you don’t get fish & chips…and wash it down with a little beer?  Abbie and I decided to split a basket of the UK’s finest and we each got a beer.

We even managed to find a table for two right next to the water on the left side of the Rose & Crown (if you are looking towards the lagoon).  Because we got there so early…and finished off that basket with ease…I headed back over to the stand to get another round of everything.  Oh yeah…you know how sometimes you see people walking around with the bride and groom ears and all that?  Well…we saw an actual wedding party making their way to a private viewing of Illuminations!  So cool!  And they were quite non-traditional as well…with the groom wearing white…and the bride wearing black.  They looked happy though…so that’s what counts.

We watched the sun set and the lights (and torches) go up.

And now…for my favorite moment in all of Walt Disney World…

That gives me chills every time.  Illuminations was awesome and we made our way to the bus stop after it was over.  After that we were back in our room for some much needed rest.