Saturday, February 23, 2013

Moooove Over Chick-Fil- A...

I spent many teacher workdays, holidays, and summers' off from school at the Chick-fil- A headquarters. My Gram worked there for many years and it was always such a treat to go and visit. In my opinion the Chick- Fil- A headquarters is not your "typical" work environment, at least not from a child's perspective. (even an adult for that matter)

Visiting my gram at work, meant Chick-Fil- A for lunch, an icedream to follow, and then special little surprises here and there. On occasion it was a juice bottle to take home, or a stuffed cow, or something that you would normally receive in a kid's meal. At one point, we even had name tags made for us, just like they had to wear while at work.


So it should be no surprise that I wanted to share this experience with Emerson and Brandon. This past Fall we took a trip over to Atlanta for me to share this child hood memory with them. Luckily, one of my mom's childhood friends still works there, as do many of the women that worked with my Gram - so we were able to visit.

We enjoyed a wonderful lunch, with an icedream to follow. It was nice to visit somewhere that I had grown up. It is funny how things seems so much different being there as an adult with a little boy of my own.

After lunch we walked around the building to visit some of the people who worked with my gram for so many years. We also had the privilege of visiting Truett Cathy's office. It has so many fun and unusual items in it. I know once Em is a little older he is really going to get into it.


And as with most Chick-Fil-A trips, Emerson got a cow!!! He was a loved on and one lucky little boy that day. It really warmed our hearts to see all those people loving on and enjoying what we get to enjoy everyday.

My gram would have been IN LOVE with this little man and visiting the Chick- Fil-A headquarters would have been a must if she were still working there. I know her heart was so full that day. She would have been one beaming great grandmother!

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