Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Zoolight Safari

This was by far one of the coolest/funnest things we have done together as a family. If you live in the Birmingham area and have kids, in my opinion, it is a must! We all loved it! We decided to bump Em off his schedule and take a night out with Jeff, Kristen, Gwynn, and Luke.

There were lights everywhere. Emerson loved looking at all of them. As we entered, they had a snow machine going! To my knowledge this was Emerson first time seeing snow. We were also greeted by a snowman. Emerson was a little unsure of the snowman at first, but as soon as it started talking to him - he chatted right along with it. It was so sweet.

After walking around the Zoo for a bit, we decided to ride the train. Even as an adult - Brandon and I loved this-  I think as much as Emerson. Throughout the train ride we saw lights all over the place. We even saw Santa! Emerson looked around the entire ride and talked up a storm.

Before leaving we took a moment to walk through the petting zoo. This was Emerson's first time seeing animals up close (other than dogs). I wish I had video of how precious this was. He would reach out for each animal and try talking to it. It was so sweet. I can't wait to visit the Zoo again to see if he has the same reaction.

Like I said, this is a must do each year. I hope Emerson loves it next Christmas, just as much as he did this past Christmas. I keep hearing his "fear" of things is going to set in, but I sure hope they are wrong. I love that he is so interested in everything around him!

Merry Christmas!

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